Why does my dog follow me around?

Why does my dog follow me around?

While having your dog follow you around can be endearing, you may find it annoying when they keep doing so from the moment you step out of your bed until you call it a night. You may feel as if your personal space is being invaded. And, nobody wants to be followed to the bathroom or to be disturbed during their zoom calls, right?

If you notice a dog-shaped shadow wherever you go, you might want to learn why your dog is continuously following you. Continue reading to learn why dogs follow their owners around everywhere they go.

They’re bored

If your dog is bored and has nothing to do all day, he may become more focused on you and follow you around more—especially if you are the only active thing around him.

It’s the separation anxiety

Dogs may suffer from separation anxiety if they are separated from their owners. When left alone, dogs with separation anxiety tend to follow their pet parents excessively and get agitated or panicked when they leave. When pet parents make a big deal out of coming home and leaving the house, such behaviors might escalate.

They are following your lead

Dogs consider their owners as the alpha. The alpha is probably the person who feeds them, takes them out for walks and trains them. If this describes you, you may begin to notice that your dog follows you around more than they do anyone else.

You are their people

Dogs have been bred to be our companions for years now and they are pack animals, so it is their natural instinct to follow the people they love. Dogs that follow their owners everywhere are known as Velcro dogs for obvious reasons.  It’s their natural behavior, but it’s not just because they’re pack animals; there could be a variety of other reasons as well.

They want attention

If your dog follows you around all the time, it’s time to check whether you’re giving them enough attention. Perhaps you’ve been working long hours or caring for a baby. Whatever the reason, if your dog doesn’t feel that they are getting as much time as they used to get, they will beg for attention by following you. Showing your dog some love could be the only easy fix for this!

Some breeds are naturally more clingy

Certain dog breeds over-attach to their owners. Such clingy or Velcro breeds may follow you more as it is a trait that is prized and bred into their genetic history. Popular Velcro breeds include bulldogs, Labrador retrievers, Maltese, German shepherds, Pugs, and Australian Shepherds. If your dog is being clingy, it is important to find out if it is a part of their personality or if there’s something more serious going on. 

They might get access to wonderful things

If your dog is following you around, you might think that you are the cool dude, but if you look at it from the dog’s point of view, your dog is overly clingy as he has linked you with the gateway to all things amazing. These smarties know that if they will follow you around, you might pet them, give them treats or take them out for a walk!

What to do when you can’t take it anymore?

To begin with, it is extremely important for you to understand that your dog following you is a normal behavior unless you suspect some major reasons behind this. But if you are done with your dog’s babyish behavior and you would want to stop your dog from following you around, there is a simple solution: Divert them by giving them something else to do. 

Of course, if your dog is exhibiting other alarming signs, it is important to seek medical advice about their obsessive behavior. Fortunately, there are several solutions, the majority of which you can implement on your own by simply spending more time with your pet!