Stage 2 of Cat’s life: Prime & Mature

Stage 2 of cat Life Prime & mature

In the previous section, Stage 1 of Cat’s Life: Kitten & Junior, I educated you about how to pet kitties from 0-2 years of age. And don’t worry I know I had promised to enlist the hygiene products in the next section that can be used on kitties as well.

Let’s begin –

Most hygiene products can be used lifelong unless directed by Vet to stop using them due to certain health conditions.

There are different types of hygiene –

Dental & Oral Hygiene, Fur and Coat Hygiene, and Eye and ear hygiene. Cutting nails and cleaning body are part of basic hygiene practices and need to be observed without any doubt.

Trusted Dental and Oral Hygiene Products that can be used to yield good results are Orovet Oral Rinse, Pet Dent Oral Gel, Pet Dent Oral Rinse, Pet Dent Toothbrush, Pet Dent Toothpaste, and Pet Dent Finger Brush.

For Eye and Ear Hygiene, products such as Cleanaural Ear for Dogs, Cleanaural for Cats, Clean Ear, Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats, Ilium Oticlean, Kyron Eye Wash, and Swimmer’s Solution can be a go-to option as a cat parent.

Lastly, recommended products for Fur and Coat Hygiene are Malacetic shampoo, MalAcetic Conditioner, and Malaseb shampoo.

Also, the above-mentioned hygiene products are safe and must be used in cats in their Prime and Mature life stages.

Moving on,

The life stage of cats between 3-6 years of age is called Prime stage. This age is very crucial as far as health is concerned. Don’t take the young age casually because you might think that cats during this age don’t require much attention but this is the point where most of the cat parents make mistakes.

Moreover, the cat is considered to be in the Mature life stage when the cat’s age is between 7-10 years. These years of a cat’s life are also of great importance because during this period the play activities decrease and cats tend to gain weight.

There are 3 things that need to be taken care when cats are at Prime and Mature life stage.

Stage 2 of cat Life Prime & mature

It’s only the good healthcare practices during Prime and Mature age of cats that will help felines in their old age i.e. Senior or geriatric life stages.

To know more about how to take care of the elderly cat’s health? Wait for the final section of the series where you will learn about the health problems of senior and geriatric cats and how to deal with them.

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