Revolution Plus = The 6 in 1 Protection Treatment For Cats

Revolution Plus = The 6 in 1 Protection Treatment For Cats

Parasites are tiny creatures but they are potentially liable to detriment your pet’s health. They can transmit fatal diseases if left untreated. Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites which are ever ready to harm your pet. Moreover, internal pet parasites such as heartworms and other gastrointestinal worms can pose a risk to your cat’s well-being. It becomes imperative for pet parents to protect their kitty from these pesky pests. Therefore, it is quite necessary to choose the right treatment for your pet that treats all the parasites. It can be bewildering to get one product that works for all in the plethora of options available in the market. Hence, Revolution Plus for cats is an ultimate solution for the pests in your pet. It’s a 6 in protection for cats, so, here’s everything you need to know about Revolution Plus for cats.

What is Revolution Plus for Cats?

Revolution Plus is manufactured by Zoetis which is the multi-spectrum treatment for cats. The spot-on kills existing fleas before they lay eggs and breaks the flea cycle as well as destroys ticks. Furthermore, Revolution Plus also eliminates the infestation of hookworms and roundworms. The easy-to-apply spot-on is effective in controlling ear mites and biting lice. This monthly treatment is also highly effective in preventing heartworm disease in cats. Revolution Plus is safe to use on cats and kittens above 8 weeks of age.

How Does Revolution Plus for cats work?

Revolution Plus for cats consists of two powerful ingredients such as Sarolaner and Selamectin. These powerful ingredients start killing fleas in 6 hours and ticks within a day. Revolution Plus hence stops the development of juvenile heartworms and controls intestinal worms as well as ear mites. The two powerful ingredients attack the nerve cells in nematodes and muscle cells in arthropods leading to the paralysis or death of parasites. The two functional ingredients destroy a wide range of parasites protecting the cat against their harmful effects.

Revolution Plus for Cats works against what parasites 

Revolution Plus for cats provides inside out protection to your kittens and cats. The 6 in 1 protection treatment works against fleas, ticks, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms, biting lice and ear mites.

What are the benefits of Revolution plus For Cats

  • Treats and prevents flea and flea infestation
  • Eliminates ticks from the cat
  • Treats and prevents intestinal worms including hookworms and roundworms
  • Prevents and controls heartworm disease
  • Eliminates ear mites
  • Removes biting lice
  • It is easy to apply the product
  • The monthly topical treatment lasts long

How to use Revolution Plus on Cats

  • Select the product as per the age and size of your cat.
  • Press the cap of the tube firmly to puncture the seal.
  • Part your cat’s fur at the base of his neck.
  • Apply the solution on the exposed skin.
  • Empty the entire content on the visible spot.
  • Do not massage the product into the skin.

What are the safety measures to consider when Revolution Plus For Cats

  • Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.
  • For veterinary use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Safe to use on cats and kittens 8 weeks and older, and weighing 2.8 lbs or greater.
  • Oral administration of the product must be strictly prohibited.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Do not use on sick, debilitated or underweight cats.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes of the animal
  • Do not use the product on damaged skin
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during the administration of the product.
  • It is not safe to use on pregnant, lactating and breeding cats

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How Is Revolution Plus Different From Revolution?

Revolution for Cats is a topical parasiticide that eliminates fleas, controls and prevents flea infestation. It also controls intestinal worms such as hookworms and roundworms in cats. The topical solution also prevents heartworms and treats ear mites. Whereas Revolution Plus for cats not only kills fleas, kills ticks, prevents heartworm disease but also treats and controls roundworms, hookworms and ear mites. Revolution Plus for cats is an advanced version of Revolution for cats. It provides broad-spectrum coverage from pests for indoor and outdoor cats. Revolution is a 5 in 1 protection for cats while Revolution Plus also treats fleas hence it acts as 6 in 1 protection. Revolution Plus expands the scope of pest protection to 6 common parasites which are harmful to both indoor and outdoor cats and kittens. However, when it comes to choosing the right treatment for your cat, it is best to consult your veterinarian once. Revolution Plus for your cats and kittens is available at BudgetPetWorld at discounted rates so that you don’t have to hop stores to get the 6 in 1 protection product.