How Does Frontline Plus For Cats Work

Frontline Plus for Cats

What if, on a holiday, you’re patting your cat or running fingers through his fur and suddenly spot tiny brown and black dots on her? You might assume it is dirt until it jumps in your cat’s coat and you come to know that those are feisty fleas that have made your kitty their home. Fleas are like those annoying people whom we want to avoid but they’re present everywhere, also in hell. Duhhh. So, it is crucial for pet-parents to be meticulous about providing flea preventions to protect their pets from flea and tick infestation as well as to safeguard from other flea and tick-borne diseases.

It can be hard for pet parents to choose the best flea and tick treatment to keep those nasty creatures away. But, when it comes to a safe, reliable and suitable product for your cat, Frontline Plus is the most recommended product to treat fleas and ticks on cats. However, there might be pet parents who would be confused or unaware of the efficacy of this product. So, here’s what pet parents should know about Frontline Plus for cats.

Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus for Cats is an excellent flea and tick treatment. This potent formula treats and prevents fleas, ticks, and chewing lice on cats. It starts killing adult fleas on your cat within 24 to 48 hours. The topical treatment is effective in eliminating all life stages of 4 major ticks. Frontline Plus not only aids in the prevention of tick-infested diseases such as Lyme disease but also controls flea-borne diseases. Moreover, it ceases existing infestations and prevents the establishments of new infestations. The monthly treatment kills all fleas that might cause flea allergy dermatitis. It breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting the growth of flea eggs and larvae. Frontline Plus is safe for all cats and kittens over the age of 8 weeks.

How Does Frontline Plus for Cats Work?

Frontline Plus for cats consists of the two clinically proven ingredients including- Fipronil and (S)-Methoprene which act on adult stages and juvenile stages of fleas and ticks. Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole antiseptic agent and methoprene is an insect growth regulator. Together, both the ingredients kill adult and larval fleas as well as flea eggs. It functions by interfering with the central nervous system of parasites which eventually kills the pests. Fipronil and (s)-methoprene come in a topical solution that gets collected in the oils of the skin in the hair follicles. The ingredients are absorbed into the body and it circulates through the bloodstream of the pet. The highly effective spot-on solution lasts for about 30 days. Moreover, it also remains effective after bathing or swimming, though it is recommended to avoid shampooing your kitty within 48 hours of application. However, Frontline Plus for cats should not be used on animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to the ingredients.

This is how Frontline Plus for cats works to eliminate those pesky fleas and ticks. So, let’s discuss the overall benefits of using this topical solution for your cat.

Benefits of Frontline Plus for Cats

  • Excellent flea and tick treatment for cats and kittens
  • A trusted brand among pet parents for many years
  • Prevents all stages of fleas from developing by eliminating them
  • Kills adult fleas within 12 hours of application
  • Kills fleas which may cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Destroys all types of ticks in 48 hours of application
  • Stays effective for 30 days
  • Fast-acting
  • Treats and prevents fleas, ticks, and chewing lice
  • Ceases existing infestations and prevents new infestations
  • Safe for all cats and kittens above 8 weeks old

Safety Measures

  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • For animal use only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Store it away from heat and open flames.
  • Do not eat, smoke or drink during treatment.
  • Consult your vet before using on sick, medicated or aged animals.
  • Safe for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating cats.

Moreover, despite all the benefits and safety measures of Frontline Plus for cats, it is imperative for you to consult your veterinarian before using it on your kitty. You Would love to Know More About Parasites on Pets