Activities to Do on This St Patrick’s Day with Your Pet

Activities to do on this St. Patrick's Day with your Pet

March 17 is approaching, and you may have streamlined your plans to have a ball of a time this St. Patrick’s Day at the bar, having a glass of Guinness, and wearing a green Irish hat. Hey, but how about your four-legged companion?  Would you be able to take the animal along to the club? You know the answer to this, don’t you? So, why not celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with your animal companion and do some real fun activities to make their day very special.

The list of fun things to do with your pet this St. Patrick’s Day:

Pair up in green attire.

To kick start the fun on this special occasion, dress up all green and pair up with your animal love. You can get yourself a green floral shirt, a hat, and other accessories; while a green hair bow with bandana triangle scarf, green shamrock dog headband, or a hat would do it for your animal. No matter what you choose to wear, just make sure you both follow the theme and rock your looks.

Organize for a photoshoot.

Surely your pet loves to dress up and likes to be clicked with you. So, why not arrange a photoshoot and capture all the fun you both are going to have this St Patrick’s Day. Just hire a photographer or click the fun moments yourself. It is the best way to make memories and relive them later on in your leisure time.

Arrange the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

If you are a member of a large pet parents’ community, call all animal parents with their pets to your place in their best St Paddy’s Day attire. Decorate your park or backyard with the special day theme. Once everyone is in, start the parade. This would be an amazing experience for your pet as they ‘ll be able to see their fellow animals performing and having the best of times in their community.

Bake green treats for your pet.

Forget about a holiday; who on earth would not love to have a treat on any given day? Absolutely no one, right? And if there’s a special occasion, it definitely calls for not ‘a treat’ but ‘multiple treats’. One of the best ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day is by having appetizing treats. How about baking something green for your loved animal? May be a green velvet cake, or bone-shaped green cookies! Don’t be surprised if your animal starts loving you more after having all those yummy delights!

Cheers with a doggie beer.

There’s nothing to be upset, if you can’t take your pup to the bar this special day. You can still have a drink or two with your four-legged friend. How about cracking open a cold dog beer and sharing it with your loved animal? Dog beer is a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drink specially designed for dogs, so it won’t cause any trouble for your pet but will surely offer a lot of fun to both of you.

Run a movie marathon.

If you’re feeling a bit lazy and not willing to go out on this St Patrick’s holiday, you can spend your day with your fluffy friend watching movies based on the special day theme. Nothing compares to cuddling up with your furry companion on a couch, having delightful treats while watching movie after movie. Fun is guaranteed, isn’t it! Some of the movies to watch out for on this special occasion include; The Quiet Man, In the Name of the Father, Once, Brooklyn, In Bruges, and Leprechaun.