A Few Ways To Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

A few ways to Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

As we all usually use to get prepared in January with our resolution and planning for the year, every year, the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, the largest professional association for dog trainers in the world, organize “National Train Your Dog Month” in January. So, it is a perfect time for dog owners and those who may be considering getting a dog, to learn about the importance of training and enriching their pet’s life. Training and nutrition are the key components in a holistic health plan for your dog. Whether you have a new born puppy, a young adult, or a senior dog, training is beneficial! Consider these few ways to celebrate National Dog Training Month with your pup.

Assign A Training Class

Train your dog as puppies, it doesn’t matter how old your dog is. If your dog needs training then it’s always the perfect time to start and if your dog is already trained you can still spread the word by sharing what you and your dog know.

Do Reward While Training

Keep small treats in the hand to reward good behavior. Most pet stores carry tiny dog training treats that you can carry with you to reinforce good behavior without overfeeding your pet. Make sure behaviors you don’t like aren’t rewarded or just put a warning note by simply not giving any attention to your pet’s activity.

Design Your Dog Training Plan

Is there something you wish your pup can do better? Some of the most common obedience problems pet parents face include poor leash skills, recall, and jumping up. Designing the training plan for your dog can help you track progress along the way and help you focus on what you want your dog to do instead of what you don’t want your dog to do.

Set A Timeframe For Everyday

Spend some minutes working with your dog every day. You’ll be amazed by what these minutes can accomplish! Within this time frame, you can get your dog to focus, practice steps to achieve your goal, and enjoy some quality, one-on-one time with your dog that helps maintain a healthy and positive relationship between you and your pup. Training isn’t just about your dog listening to you, but it’s also about your dog’s emotional health and ability to learn, adapt, cope, and thrive in the high demand world of being a pet.

Get Help From A Professional

When you find it a bit hard to handle training with your dog, try to get help. A professional can help you learn the skills needed to make changes in your dog’s behavior. Having your dog professionally trained is rewarding for you, your dog, and anyone who interacts with your dog. Get on with the training, train and teach your dog with all the essential training tricks and make January a month of adventures and fun for you and your furry friend!