The 2022 National Dog Show On Thanksgiving Day


We’re about to enter the 2022 National Dog Show, giving dog lovers another chance to squeal in adoration at their television screens and ponder the age-old, frequently asked question: Who’s a good boy?

You can watch the excellent furry four-legged boys and girls from the comfort of your home on all days when the Dog Show is broadcasting and live-streamed for fans at home.

The two-hour telecast will once again be shown on NBC at noon, immediately following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then it’s time to support your preferred breed and finally, sneer when the judge selects a different dog. In addition to this, there is a lot more regarding this entertaining National Dog Show that you should be aware of. Let’s explore this topic!

Check out this sneak peek of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day before continuing to read about the National Dog Show.

Here’s all you need to know about the National Dog Show this Thanksgiving Day:

What is the National Dog Show?

Every year on Thanksgiving, the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia sanction the National Dog Show, an all-breed benched conformation show that has been broadcast on NBC since 2002.

The fourth Thursday in November, which falls on November 24, is when the National Dog Show is set to be broadcasted. Every year, more than 200 dog breeds compete in the show, which represents over half of all dog varieties worldwide. It is a benched two-hour presentation that is packed with footage from the actual event. Breeders may converse with the owners and get a close-up view of the dogs, thanks to this. The degree to which the dogs’ look, structure, movement, and temperament match the standards for their breed is used to evaluate them.

When Does the Show Air?

On Thanksgiving Day, immediately following the Macy’s Day Parade and beginning in all time zones at noon, NBC airs The National Dog Show.

Every Thanksgiving, the program airs on NBC nationally (on tape delay), following the network’s coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It airs at noon in all time zones, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where it airs at 1 PM AST (due to NBC affiliates in these territories using the Eastern Time Zone feed).

Where Can I Watch the Show?

NBC will be airing the National Dog Show 2022. NBC’s website and other streaming services like Hulu Live and YouTube TV also offer access to it. The NBC app with live commentary is supported on a variety of mobile and connected devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

Previous Best – The Show Winners

You might be familiar with it as the show that follows the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade—the one you set the TV and then completely forget about until you return to your sofa and realize that, “Oh yes, this is a thing.”

However, this dog show is more than just background noise while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner. These distinguished canines deserve your attention because they have spent years being taught and prepared for their brief appearances on national television. Learn more about the National Dog Show champions from the previous decades, which represent the cutest, furriest, and most well-behaved dogs and puppies in the US, before this year’s competition.


Show Up At the Event

Each year, the national dog show is hosted in Philadelphia, and you are welcome to attend. To experience the event live and feel the energy up close, purchase your tickets and book your seats well in advance.

Register Your Dog to Take Part

This increases the enjoyment of the day. You can sign up to take part in the fun if you are a dog trainer or if you have well-behaved dogs of one of the permitted breeds. Nobody knows, you might just be the lucky winner.

Watch the Live Broadcast

If you can’t attend in person or don’t have a dog to enter in the competition, you can still take part in the celebration by tuning in live and supporting your favorite team. Enjoy the exciting performances of these amazing creatures with your family and friends.

Bottom Line

The National Dog Show is a great event. It is a wonderful experience to watch dogs do various routines. After years of airing, the program has established itself as a family tradition. Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the program receives 20 million viewers, making it one of the most popular animal programs. The show serves as a reminder to everyone that canines may be trained to hone their special skills. It is beautiful to watch dogs’ speed, agility, and attractiveness.

It’s almost time for the National Dog Show, so get ready to give these dogs a round of “a-paws.”