Advantage Multi (Advocate) an effective treatment for Heartworms & Fleas

Advantage Multi (Advocate) an effective treatment for Heartworms & Fleas

You must have heard your vet suggesting you get your pet examined for heartworms every year. The reason is once the heartworms (Dirofilarial immitis) have infested the pet’s body, you cannot remove them unless they are still in their juvenile stage. For the same reasons, heartworm preventatives are manufactured so that the protection against the disease dirofilariasis can be achieved in advance.

Same goes for fleas as well. Fleas are also pestering and can cause itching, dermatitis and tapeworm infections in pets. In fact, 85-90% of the pets are affected by fleas and require prevention throughout the year. Therefore, complete protection must be planned before the pet is infested.

Advantage Multi, a renowned Bayer manufactured product is one broad-spectrum treatment which can successfully manage and control all such infestations in pets. Though the market is flooded with other flea and heartworm products as well, this product stands out because of its success ratio.

Here is a detailed insight into the efficacy of this all-in-one product and its effective usage.

What Is the Advantage Multi?

Advantage Multi is a uniquely formulated topical solution that kills microfilariae (juvenile forms of Dirofilarial immitis) circulating in the bloodstream. A single application of this product kills the existing adult fleas and controls future infestations. Apart from that, Advantage Multi can also be effectively used to treat multiple gastrointestinal parasites viz. roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms. Its powerful formula successfully kills ear mites other than fleas and hence is touted as a potent remedy for the treatment of Sarcoptic mange as well.

Advantage Multi (Advocate) an effective treatment for Heartworms & Fleas

Advantage Multi (Advocate) an effective treatment for Heartworms & Fleas
Available in two separate packaging’s for dogs and cats, Advantage multi is also available by the name of Advocate in some places.

The main difference between Advantage Multi for dogs and Advantage Multi for cats is –

There is a variation in concentration of Moxidectin in dogs and cats. For dogs, it is 2.5% whereas for cats it is just 1%.  Since dogs weigh more and are bigger in size, they need a higher dose than cats; therefore, these two products must not be used interchangeably.

Other major difference between the two products is Advantage multi/ Advocate for dogs treat whipworms other than roundworms and hookworms whereas Advantage multi/Advocate for cats only treats hookworms and roundworms.

Note: Advantage Multi is safe for use in canines that are over 7 weeks old and weigh at least 3 pounds. However, the cat product can be used in felines older than 9 weeks and that weigh a minimum of 2 pounds.

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How Does Advantage Multi Work?

Advantage Multi is formulated using two active ingredients – Imidacloprid and Moxidectin that work individually to kill endo and ectoparasites. Imidacloprid acts as a neurotoxin that attacks the central nervous system of the parasite disrupting the transmission of stimuli. This leads to failure of the nervous system which eventually leads to the death of the critter. Moxidectin, on the other hand, acts as an anthelmintic. When the solution is applied on the skin, Moxidectin gets absorbed trans dermally and kills intestinal worms, microfilariae as well as mites providing complete protection against endo-parasitic infestations.

How Often Can Advantage Multi be used?

Advocate/ Advantage multi is a monthly treatment which is recommended to be continued year-round in order to prevent the pet from existing, newly acquired or future parasitic infestations.

How Quick Is Advocate Flea Treatment for Dogs?

Advocate or Advantage multi, whatever you may call it, is a super active, swiftly acting versatile product that starts its actions on fleas within an hour or two after the administration.  Its powerful formula kills 100% fleas within 12 hours and remains effective for continuous 30 days.

Advantage Multi (Advocate) has a wider efficacy against different parasites, however, it is ultimately a chemical treatment and no chemical formulation is completely risk-free. Therefore, precautions must be taken for the safe and successful use of this product.

Cautions To Be Taken:

  1. Advocate (Advantage multi) must not be used on pregnant or lactating pets.
  2. Never use any topical product on a sick or debilitated pet.
  3. Do not apply the solution to the wounded or injured skin.
  4. The product must be used exactly as per the directions mentioned on the product label.
  5. Do not let children and other pets to come in contact with the treated pet until the solution is completely dry.
  6. Never use a cat product on dogs or dog product on cats.