Valuheart – The Valuable Heartwormer for Dogs

Valuheart - The Valuable Heartwormer for Dogs

Heartworm infection in dogs is a serious and fatal disease. Not only is this disease life-threatening, but they are also very expensive when it comes to treating it. Thus, most veterinarians believe it best to prevent such a disease from occurring than curing it. And that can only be done with heartworm preventatives that are available in the market. Now there are several heartwormers, some of which are pretty expensive while a few are cheap and not really effective. Hence, to get the ideal (cheap and effective) combination, we have decided to take a look at Valuheart and see whether this product is truly worth it or not.

Valuheart: A Brief Introduction

Valuheart is an excellent heartwormer for dogs that effectively aids in the thorough protection from heartworm disease. It is a monthly preventative and comes in an oral tablet form. Moreover, these tablets are very easy to administer and are safe for all kinds of dogs as well as puppies over the age of 6 weeks.

Besides, these heartworm tablets come in different pack sizes to suit the needs of dog parents.

Valuheart: Is It Value for Money?

Labeled as a generic version to the more renowned and branded Heartgard, Valuheart is seen as a product that is fairly overpriced, despite costing much less than Heartgard. But if you take a closer look at both the products and compare it with each other, you will notice some striking similarities. It will also make you think twice before giving Valuheart the boot and opting for Heartgard. The below similarities says it all. Here, take a look!

  • The active ingredient Ivermectin is present in both Heartgard and Valuheart.
  • Like Heartgard, Valuheart also provides heartworm protection for a month.
  • Heartgard is administered orally, so is Valuheart.
  • Both products are extremely safe to be given to all breeds of dogs, including puppies over 6 weeks old.

These similarities clearly show that Valuheart heartworm tablets is most certainly a product worth its money and can and should be considered when selecting a heartworm preventative for your dog.

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Final Thoughts

Valuheart, despite being a generic product, is an excellent heartworm preventative. And though this product will always fall under the shadows of Heartgard, it is still a great choice to go ahead with, especially for those pet parents who seek a cheap and effective heartwormer for their four-legged friend(s).