Top Five Ways to Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

Top 5 Ways to celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

As National Pet Wellness Month is nearing, let’s all pet parents get on the verge and tune in for their pet’s wellness. It’s always a good thing if you’re doing everything you can to keep your fur babies happy and healthy, no matter which life stage they belong too. But, in all the hurly burly of everyday life, you miss the important things to take care of your pet. Then, National Pet Wellness Month is here to enlighten you.

Get on the floor to find some of your pet’s basic rituals to follow – and most importantly, don’t miss your pet’s wellness exam this month.

Take Appointment for a Wellness Exam

Have you lost the record from the memory, when your pet last time visited a vet for checkup? It’s time to book an appointment for a wellness exam as the month of October is here. Perpetually, your pet should be having yearly checkups with your vet. A physical examination can figure out issues beforehand and help to treat them before they tend to be emergencies. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all shots and medications like flea and tick treatments, heart wormers, and wormers.

Check Your Pet’s Weight and Develop a Weight Management Plan

That extra flab hanging on your pet’s body is a welcome sign for numerous diseases and a turf for dreadful health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Rather than allowing your pet undergoing all those sufferings, better maintain their optimal weight. This Wellness Month, check your pet’s weight and discuss with your vet about their ideal weight. If overweight, plan out a way to cut down those extra pounds on the scale. Successively, establish a long-term weight maintenance program once your dog’s ideal weight is reached.

Few Tips for Weight Management

  • Portion Control: Give small portions of food
  • Plenty of Activity: regular walks and exercises
  • Kibble Rewards: Rewards to encourage good behavior

Vaccinations, Spay and Neuter

Vaccines help to protect your pet from unwanted diseases and health conditions. So, never miss on those recommended vaccines by your vet. Make it a mark to keep record of your pet’s vaccines and timely follow the upcoming due ones. Also ensure that your pet is current on all their vaccinations. Additionally, spaying or neutering is also crucial for your pet. It helps to prevent life threatening diseases like breast cancer, uterine infections and testicular cancer along with some prostrate conditions. So, get them spayed/ neutered making their lives healthier and safer.

Maintain Dental Hygiene of Your Pet

Who told a shiny smile of your pet will never make you fall in love for him/her? And for maintaining that smile never escape your pet’s dental hygiene routine. Get your pet on the paws for brushing and rinsing. These pocket rituals wade away the dental vagaries and help keep that perfect smile of your pet.

Feed Your Pet the Best Quality Food

Most of the commercially available pet foods are formulated to provide a balanced diet for different life stages, health conditions, and their activity levels. However, before choosing look for the quality food that is enriched with real food ingredients and has less fillers like corn and other grains. Also, pet diets with short shelf life are good for your pet compared to those diets having longer shelf life due to the additives and preservatives.

Add Nutritional Supplements for Agility and Vitality

Don’t miss to treat your furry friend with nutritional supplements as they are vital for their immunity, joint and digestive health. Although you may procure the best quality food, your furry friend requires those additional supplements for agility and vitality. The diet supplements suffice their nutritional requirements on daily basis strengthening their immune power and adding up years to their life.  And, for maintaining their overall wellness, This National Pet Wellness Month if you’re looking for the right pet supplies store, then you’re just a click away from a leading store: BudgetPetWorldoffering huge discounts during the whole pet wellness month.