Top 5 Flea Preventives and Treatments for Dog in 2022

Understanding Various Flea and Tick Preventions

Is having a pet; easy?

Well, yes, it is a really easy and most happening thing. But with a pet come the responsibilities to protect them against mighty parasites such as fleas and ticks, and choose the right kind of preventive options. We have researched all the information to help you understand each type of preventive available on the market. This will guide you in a better manner.

What are flea and tick prevention?

There are various kinds of preventive products in the market. In a different mode of administration, with different types of ingredients, effective for different time duration, available from different manufacturers and brands on different price ranges. There are collars, sprays, shampoos, chewable, and topical flea and tick treatments. Let’s understand each one of them in detail to find which will suit the best for your pet.

  • Flea and Tick Collars

A collar is a repellent with an insecticide chemical inside, that spreads on the coat and skin of your pet. These are the most long-lasting options to choose from among the rest. They spread via coat by being persistent to hair and killing all the fleas that are trying to attack your pet.

You just have to wrap it around your pet’s neck for continuous protection. It is easy to use and waterproof.

We have the two best collars Seresto for Dogs and Bay-o-pet Kiltix for Dogs to help your pet in protection against fleas and ticks.

  • Sprays

It is easy to use a product that has to be sprayed directly on the pet’s coat and skin. It has to be used for instant results. This can be reapplied frequently as it washes off easily with water. Though sprays are safe to use and their active ingredients do not harm your pet at any cost. It starts to work by spreading through the skin.

We have Effipro spray which is the top-selling product and works so effectively for your pet. You can use it at any point in time and it’s easy to carry and simultaneously provide quick results.

  • Spot-on Treatment

This is most convenient and most preferred as a treatment, due to its effective results for a long time. This spot-on comes in with a one-time use plastic container (pipette) that has to be emptied near the neck collar and between the shoulder blades. This is usually a monthly treatment that is spread only to the small area of your pet but works wonders by spreading through its effective active ingredients. It is an affordable long-term pest preventative. 

We have Bravecto Topical and Flevox Spot-on that are on the premium list of pet parents’ carts for their protection of pets.

  • Flea and Tick Shampoo

These are two-way products. They give your coat the shine and protect it from the entire pest set. These are our personal favorites on the list of preventive products. They work on deadly parasites by cleaning the coat and creating a shield against fleas and ticks. Remember to keep it for the required time before rinsing it well. Please read the direction to use carefully.

Caution: The lather over your dog has to be protected from eyes and ears.

  • Oral Treatment

Chews are tasty flavored treatment easily consumed by dogs due to its taste. This oral treatment is a suitable option for breeds with tick and long coats because topical methods are difficult to apply appropriately. It is equally effective as a mode of treatment and work within 24 hours of administration. The only downside to chews is that they don’t kill parasites in contact, rather a dog must get bitten by flea or tick but it definitely acts s preventive.

The above-listed types of flea and tick preventives are well in their performance. You have to choose wisely which works best for your pet.

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