Tips To Keep Your Fido Healthy This Canine Veterans Day

Dogs have been the best and most loyal companions to humans for ages. They have served our country just like any other human veteran had. These four-legged warriors have risen to every occasion and incapacitated our enemies in war. Their support to the US Military has been laudable and perpetual. Had they not been healthy and agile, they couldn’t have managed to get trained for such grave missions. Playing sundry roles like – protector of your house, a friend to your kids and a stress buster for yourself, don’t you think your pet too deserves to stay happy and healthy? The best way to pay tribute to the canine family is to work towards their well-being.

Here are some simple tips to keep your dog fit and healthy:

Keep Your Fido Healthy This Canine Veterans Day

Take Your Pet To the Vet For Regular Check-ups

Dogs must befriend the vets from the very young age. This aids in making your pet use to normal prodding which in turn helps in their proper check-up. Also, regular visits to your vet will help keep a check on your pet’s health.

Feed Your Pet with right Food

It is imperative to feed your dog with nutritious food. Better if it is raw. Furthermore, keep your pet away from all the sweets and human treats that can have dire consequences on his health. Stick to the well-balanced diet plan recommended by your vet.

Make Your Pet Agile

Physical fitness brings agility. It not only keeps the pet in shape but increases its strength as well. Walk your dog as much as possible. Go running with him in a park. Train him for high jumps. This exercise will also strengthen its immune system against many diseases.

Buy some Grooming Tools

Hygiene of a dog is important to keep your pal disease-free. Regularly groom your pet with a shampoo specially formulated for dogs, and brush his fur to avoid tangles. Brushing also removes fleas or ticks, if any.

Take necessary Steps To control parasitic infestation

Fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites make a dog’s life miserable. They can deteriorate your pet’s health. Taking preventive measures and effective treatments can save your fellow from misery. A good treatment will also turn your grumpy dog into a happy one. Nexgard spectra is an efficacious drug that prevents deadly heartworm disease and controls the flea and tick population.

A healthy pet is always a source of happiness and a great stress-buster. To help him stay so, take some time out to cuddle your pet and put in some more efforts for its well-being. Have a great Veterans Day with your pet!