National K9 Veterans Day

National K9 Veterans Day

K9 Veterans Day, as most of you know, is a day where Americans honor war and military dogs for their immeasurable bravery and services to their beloved motherland. In the wake of the 78th anniversary of K9 Veterans Day, which is observed every year on the 13th of March, fellow Americans can, in many ways, honor and observe such an influential day. But before we get there, let us dig into some history regarding K9 Veterans Day.

Brief History on K9 Veterans Day

K9 war dogs have been around for a fairly long time, and they have aided men in wars and what not. Ever since the foundation of an organization called the Dogs for Defense, where dogs were trained to help people, there has been no looking back. In March 1942, the U.S Army approved of the U.S Army K9 Corps, which was founded on 13th March, the same year. And ever since that day, K9 Veterans Day has been celebrated all over the United States of America.

“The guard dog was incorruptible; the police dog dependable; the messenger dog reliable. The human watchman might be bought; not so the dog. The soldier sentinel might fall asleep; never the dog. The battlefield runner might fail … but not the dog, to his last breath would follow the line of duty.”

Ernest Harold Baynes, Animal Heroes of the Great War

In recent years, American service dogs have been deployed in numerous countries worldwide. More than 1500 dogs have served in Korea, more than 4000 have been deployed to Vietnam, and thousands of them have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. These brave dogs deserve to be honored, and this is one of the main reasons behind K9 Veterans Day. Its significance is massive to all the American people!

Honoring and Observing K9 Veterans Day

As stated earlier, there are many ways in which you can honor and observe such a significant day. Here’s how:

1. Adopt A Retired Military or War Dog

Military and war dogs are heroes and are loved and appreciated, but unfortunately, some of them do not find a home after their retirement. So if you’re planning on getting a new four-legged friend, why not bring home a retired military dog. They are lovable, and you will surely enjoy their presence.

2. Treat Your Fido With A Treat

Another way of observing K9 Veterans Day is by treating your canine buddy with a treat. Yes, that’s right! How often you have treated your dog with plenty of tasty treats? Well, on K9 Veterans Day surprise him with some delicious dog treats, especially with his favorite ones.

3. Teach Your Canine A New Trick

Old dog or young, they all are smart enough to learn a new trick or two. Keep aside the laziness and teach your pooch a new trick this K9 Veterans Day. There’s a host of dog tricks, so pick one and get going. Tricks are not only fun to teach, but it also makes your dog smarter. And who doesn’t love a smart dog? Ha!

4. Donate, If You Can

The U.S Army K9 Corps are always on the lookout for donations for taking care of their K9 dogs. You can be a helping hand and donate some old dog clothes and other essential stuff if you have. For donation details, please visit the U.S Army K9 Corps’ official website.

Happy K9 Veterans Day! We salute all our four-legged war heroes!