How to Handle Your First Cat

How to Handle Your First Cat
Congratulations! Our feline friends create glorious roommates—they’re nice listeners, exceptionally tidy, and barely hog the remote.
That said, cats do need some special provides, preparations, and long issues. Before you bring home your new BFF, check up on these knowledgeable tips for first-time cat parents.

Analyze Your Personality and What Breed Will Suit You
Analysis what breeds can be best-suited to your home. If you’re adopting, speak to the shelter workers that take care of the cats—they understand the behaviors of cats and will tell you that which one is laidback, and who’s playful.

Prepare Their Rest Room
If you’ve ne’er had a cat before, you would possibly assume that you would buy a litter box, keep it in the basement, and decision it each day. This could be a problem, though they’re typically easy-going roomies, cats are very meticulous about their bathrooms.
Choose calm parts of the house away from high-traffic or howling areas of the house otherwise your cat will find those places to poop. And particularly, keep it clean—as in terribly, very clean.  Your cat won’t like the unscooped box.

Plan Your Kitty’s Diet
If there was plate of brownies on the table all day, you would possibly have a tough time maintaining your weight.Similarly, instead of giving a full bowl to your kitty, work with your vet to schedule the meal timings, also, feed meals partly to refrain from overfeeding. For a a lot of interactive dinner, Parsons recommends food puzzles that create cats work for his or her food as they’d within the wild.

Create Some Spaces To Climb
In the wild, cats climb trees to securely observe their surroundings. Though there aren’t predators in your lounge, kids, dogs, loud noises, and your annoying neighbor count.
Make space on some of shelves, make a path to the top of the electric refrigerator, or install some cat-specific wall shelving.

Play & Indulge
You don’t have to take your cat for daily walks, however that doesn’t mean he/she is content to lounge on the couch all day.To keep your cat happy and healthy, decide to talk to him/her in interactive and vigorous play sessions, few times each day. To calm their hunter instincts, toys that mimic prey like feathery birds and animal skin mice are a perfect fit.

Be Ready To Get Scratched or Get Your Entire House Scratched
There’s no cat in the world who doesn’t scratch. Cats have a natural ought to scratch and unleash tension instinct. You need to get accustomed to scratches and also make your house scratch proof and buy a scratch post.

This was all regarding what you must do! Within the next diary, we might discuss regarding the care you must take once your cat is at its kitten and junior stage. Watch this house for successive diary.