Heartgard Plus Vs Nuheart – Which Treatment To Opt For?

Heartgard Plus Vs Nuheart – Which Treatment To Opt For?

When it comes to heartworm prevention, many pet parents are in a quandary regarding which one to opt for. In fact, when it comes to a regular treatment versus a generic treatment, many people are not entirely sure of its quality and effectiveness. Well, the generic treatments are identical in terms of ingredients, efficacy, and strength; they’re just offered at a reasonable price to the customers. Today, we’re talking about Heartgard Plus preventive treatment and a generic heartworm preventive treatment Nuheart.

What is Heartgard Plus for Dogs?

Heartgard Plus is a highly effective heartworm preventive for dogs. This is a monthly treatment which helps prevent heartworm infection in dogs. It eliminates immature stages of heartworm and prevents them from developing into adult heartworm. Moreover, this product also works against intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms. Heartgard Plus comes is a tasty flavored chew. Thus, it’s easy to administer.

What is Nuheart for Dogs?

Nuheart is a potent generic form of Heartgard. This is an oral treatment which possesses the same effectiveness as Heartgard. It treats the heartworm larvae thus, prevents the heartworm infection. This treatment is equally effective when it comes to protecting your dog from heartworms. Moreover, its value is less compared to Heartgard so it’s affordable as well.

For your ease, below is a comparison  of  Heartgard Plus and Nuheart, so you can make the right decision for your furry pal.

Heartgard PlusNuheart
Prevents heartworm infectionPrevents heartworm infection  
Treats intestinal worms such
as roundworms and hookworms
Does not treat intestinal worms  
Contains Ivermectin and Pyrantel
as its active ingredients
Contains Ivermectin as its active ingredient
Branded preventive treatment thus
higher in value
Generic treatment thus cost-effective
Monthly treatmentMonthly treatment
Manufactured by Merial/ Boehringer IngelheimManufactured by Pharmachem

Well, as you can see from the comparison. Nuheart is equally effective in preventing heartworms. The reason why branded treatments are expensive is that they also charge you for the research work and efforts that are put in to develop a new treatment. On other hand, generic products use the same formula and offer the products at lesser prices to people who cannot afford expensive treatments.

Heartgard Plus is recommended when you want to protect your dog from heartworm infection as well as intestinal worms. It eliminates the risk of gastrointestinal disease in dogs. And when it comes to preventing only heartworms, you can just opt for Nuheart, which contains Ivermectin that is effective against heartworms. Well, it’s up to you to decide which treatment is right for your pet as per his health condition. You can refer to this blog for better understanding of the treatments so that it can help in picking the ideal treatment for your furry pal.

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