Dietary Supplements- The Best Preventive for Arthritis in Dogs

Dietary Supplements- The Best Preventive For Arthritis in Dogs

With growing age comes the degeneration process without giving us any options. We all have to readily accept the problems and aches that old age brings. Our furry friends also face the same problems that we do while aging. Arthritis is one of them.  In fact, Arthritis is as common in dogs as it is in humans. Imagine how boring would it get if your pooch stops playing fetch with you!! More than the aspect of getting bored, it is a matter of concern that your furry friend would not able to move like once he did. Isn’t it?

Arthritis being common in middle aged and senior dogs has to be prevented from the beginning. It is a result of the wearing of the joints and bones in dogs that has painful effects. Limping, having troubles with hopping up to the couch, decreased running speed, lethargy, not ready to exercise, etc., are the common symptoms of Arthritis. Although it is impossible to run away from Arthritis, we can always delay its occurrence. There are two things that can keep your furry balls away from Arthritis for a longer time, nutritious food and dietary supplements. Let’s understand how these factors are necessary to delay the occurrence of Arthritis in dogs!

Nutritious Food- A key step towards Arthritis prevention

The prime cause of joint pain in dogs is an imbalanced diet. So, if you want your pooch to play fetch for a longer time, feed him with holistic food. Many dog foods on the market are formulated with inferior ingredients and by-products such as chicken-head and feet that you are unaware of. So, avoid such products that comprise “by-products” as its ingredients. Look for food that has “chicken-meal” as an ingredient. Such food is filled with protein in it. Stay away from products that use corn, milk products, gluten, wheat and soy. These ingredients have no nutritional value and would do no good to your furry friends besides putting on their weight.  Foods filled with nutrition surprisingly have a great impact on dogs. So, giving healthy food to your pooches can be an add-on to your Arthritis prevention mission.

Along with providing a balanced diet, make sure he has enough exercise. Everyday walk for 20 minutes twice a day eases dog’s joints and muscles.

Dietary Supplements-

Supplements can make up for the vitamins and minerals that your dog’s food has not been able to provide. A quality dietary supplement can do wonders for your pooch’s health and joints. While you choose a supplement for your pooch, make sure it has Glucosamine and MSM in it. Research studies show that Glucosamine supports healthy joint flexibility, mobility and lubrication. MSM, which is short for Methylsulfonylmethane, is a natural source of organic sulfur, an element vital to the maintenance of healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. This combination can surely keep Arthritis at bay for a longer time than the usual.

Let’s check some of the dietary supplements!

  • Nature’s Answer Glucosamine for Dogs: This is a dietary supplement made up of natural ingredients that supports the cartilage metabolism and healthy joint support. This Mavlab nutritional supplement has Glucosamine Hydrochloride that can help your pooch fight the probability of Arthritis. It is a tasty chew which makes it easy to administer to pooches. Adding this supplement to your dog’s diet can keep arthritis away from your canine. It is recommended to take your vet’s advice before its administration.
  • Osteocare for Dogs: These nutritional supplements provide healthy joint development in younger dogs and can fight Arthritis in older dogs. It has a perfect combination of MSM and Glucosamine in its composition. These chews are highly palatable and can be administered to older dogs daily that are pre-disposed to Osteoarthritis and younger pooches that show the signs of Arthritis. Consult your vet before starting its administration and keep your fur balls away from Arthritis.

 In all, Arthritis can make your furry friends slow at a young age. It has to be prevented before your pooch starts limping. Arthritis, commonly seen in older dogs can also occur in younger dogs if proper care is not taken. To keep your pooches safe from this joint dysfunction, put your dog on a nutritional diet and effective supplements. This combination can slow down the process of degeneration in dogs. So, start this prevention regime from today itself and knock out the probability of Arthritis in your furry pals!