Arthritis In Dogs: Tips For Winter and Treatment


The vastness of the disease called, arthritis often gets complicated by its numerous types. Be it human or animal-like dog, the disorder in the joints and the pain experienced is true for both man and his best’s friend. Animals, with their stoic nature, often tend to hide their pain and thus adds more difficulty for pet parents who look for the same pain which may be their pets are experiencing.

This condition of joint disorder and pain gets aggravated during winter. Thus, pets dealing with arthritis need more care and extra attention on the part of pet parent, especially in these cold times.

Budget Pet World, knowing the seriousness this issue pose especially in times of winter has come with up some insights, which will assist you in taking care of your beloved pet.

Arthritis Basic: Tracking Your Dog’s Behavior

Arthritis is a progressive phenomenon and dogs who have reached their maturity age are more vulnerable to this disease. Often the disease shows its full colors, well passed over its primary stage. Symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe depending upon the gravity of the joint disorder, which your pet is suffering from and the breed he is born with. As a right-hand rule, a pet parent should first try to observe any uncommon behavior in his pet followed by a vet visit.

For instance, earlier whenever you came home late in the evening, your pet would run down to you to give you a master hug. Now the scenario is that you long for his hug after returning from work but get amused when he finds too hard to run from one corner of the room to another to give you a warm hug. These are the first signs of uncommon behavior in pets, as we call. Along with it the uneasiness in climbing stairs or unable to jump while at play will make you aware of the days ahead.

These symptoms are the result of internal joint disorders, which a pet parent would unable to see. What is more disheartening is the pain, which the pet undergoes but many times remain unnoticed. Pets, with weight issues, are often the worst to hit by this disease. That is the reason why so much importance is laid down to physical activity and giving the right amount of food to a pet.

What To Do This Winter?

With the season of cold breeze around the corner, a senior pet suffering from this condition must receive the following care:

  • Cover his body with warm sweaters and rubber shoes for his paws.
  • Provide him a warm bedding for rest.
  • Do not halt routine exercise. Make him do physical activity indoors.
  • Use late mornings for walks.
  • Do not miss the regular vet visits.
  • Feed him the vet recommended food in right quantity.
  • Products containing, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are must for his overall joint care.


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The Final Word

This winter makes your senior pet feel active and warm. Exercise and right diet with joint care supplements will prove handy in this fight against arthritis.