5 Most Deadly Preventable Dog Diseases In 2018

Most Deadly Yet Preventable Dog Diseases


Normal illnesses like fever, lethargy or diarrhea can be not so bothering when the symptoms are not associated with any other underlying disease. They can usually occur because of a spoiled food ingested or probably due to some strenuous physical activity. However, you cannot ignore the signals if the reason behind the illness is unknown. There are many diseases that have the same symptoms and are very deadly if not prevented. So, let’s check which ones are those and how we can prevent them.

  1. Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is very dreadful. It can compromise the life of our pets if ignored. The disease is transmitted by a mosquito which is infected with a worm called Dirofilaria immitis. These worms cause blockage in the heart and lungs after entering the pet’s body. As they reproduce, their offsprings – microfilariae circulate in the bloodstream of the affected dog causing damage to other organs as well.  Therefore, prevention is of utmost importance. Usage of preventatives helps to kill these microfilariae, thus completely preventing the process of maturation and further reproduction. Most of the afflicted dogs die if they are not kept on preventatives. This is because the disease is so potentially harmful that if the dog doesn’t have the required strength and strong immune system, chances of his survival reduce multifold.

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  1. Parvo Virus

It’s a horrendous disease that affects the intestines and heart of the pet’s body. The illness has no cure and is highly contagious being a viral infection. Parvo can be only prevented by vaccination in dogs. Untreated dogs are the most potent victims of this disease so if your pet hasn’t been vaccinated yet, don’t delay further. Direct or Indirect contact with the fecal matter of other pets and animals or infected soil can put your pet at risk of Parvo. Hence, better keep a watch on your dog. Wash any dirt on his paws or body immediately.

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  1. Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death for many pets. It manifests itself in many forms and most of them are untreatable. However, Lymphoma – a cancer of lymph nodes can be treated by surgical methods. Although nobody really understands the reason behind such mutations in the body, avoiding processed foods can possibly prevent cancer in dogs. Moreover, the pet owners must check their Fido regularly for lumps or enlarged lymph nodes and any sort of bumps that may be tumors. The earlier he gets diagnosed, better would be his chances of survival.

  1. Kidney Disease

Renal failure or kidney disease can occur in dogs as they age. This happens due to the reduced ability of the kidneys to function properly after so much wear and tear. Renal failure that occurs over time is untreatable. However, if the dental disease has lead to this damage, it can be certainly prevented. You must be wondering how dental disease can cause kidney problems? Well, when the dental disease is chronic, the bacteria can also traverse the bloodstream and cause severe damage to internal organs. This may include kidneys as well. So, oral hygiene should be strictly maintained to indirectly prevent other diseases.

  1. Lyme Disease

This disease is transmitted by deer ticks wherein these critters attach themselves to the pet’s body and suck blood. In turn, they vomit in the pet’s skin and transfer a bacterium called Borrelia burgdoferi that causes Lyme disease. However, not all ticks transfer the disease which is why you need to watch for the symptoms. These may include – lameness of legs, stiffness, and decrease in appetite. A pet owner can easily prevent this disease if he keeps the pet well-groomed and uses tick-preventative regularly. Frontline Plus, Nexgard, and K9 Advantix are some of the best products to ward off ticks and tick-borne diseases. Make sure you continue the treatment year-round for successful results.

Prevention has always been better than cure. None of the owners would ever like their pets to suffer in pain and distress. So, make every possible effort to prevent these deadly diseases from gradually squeezing the life out of your furry pal.  Get him vaccinated and maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle so he leads a gleeful life.