5 Common Dog Behaviour Issues

5 Common Dog Behavior Issues - BudgetPetWorld

Dogs are generally good-mannered. They are the most congenial companions to humans. However, certain situations or conditions can lead to behavioral issues in dogs. They can get aggressive and moody due to underlying health problems, boredom, or perhaps, depression. His indifference towards the owner conveys that something is not right with him. Therefore, to understand and deal with his emotional switch, you must first know the common issues that occur in canines.

Incessant Barking

Excessive barking or howling can be considered a behavioral problem. Dogs that have anxiety issues or feel insecure about something usually resort to barking to vent out their irritation. Some attention seekers also show a predisposition to barking. Invasion of his territory by a stranger can make him insecure and aggressive too, to which they retort by barking.

Chewing Which Is Destructive

Teething in puppies usually encourages them to chew shoes, furniture or any household item. In adult dogs, it can again be a sign of boredom or depression. They also chew toys when they don’t get enough physical exercise to burn their energy to make him exercise daily. Giving a chew toy is also a good option to satiate their intention. It will also eliminate boredom and keep him busy.

Mouthing or Nipping

Though mouthing is normal in dogs when it leads to biting or nipping, it’s a warning sign of aggression in them. Puppies are easier to control than adult dogs that have biting issues because they aren’t that sensitive and cannot be controlled physically.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs love their owners and like to stay with them all the time. They try to follow the person when he is about to leave or show destructive tendencies when he is left alone. Separation anxiety is the most common issue that every pet owner faces. The only way to change this kind of tendency is by training him. Leave him for a few minutes and let him stay alone. This will help him get used to it. Gradually increase the time from minutes to hours. If the issue becomes pronounced, treat him with anxiety relieving product that will calm his mind.


Snarling, lunging, growling and biting are telltale signs of aggression. Dogs get aggressive when they are in pain. He may also chase things to grab and rip it off fiercely. This kind of a behavior can also be driven by sex-related stress, predatory instincts that are not satiated or due to some health issue which has been overlooked.

So, if the aggression, howling and chewing has become prominent, it is time to take your dog to a vet. Get him checked and treat him immediately before the condition becomes worse. He may harm his owner as well if these issues are not addressed sincerely. Therefore, watch out and stay alert. A dog must be trained for adapting a good behavior from a very young age so he develops good tendencies. Well, if your dog is already grown up and has these issues, never mind, they still can be treated and trained. Though it would be harder in adult dogs it is certainly possible.

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