Here’s Why You Should Add Your Dog In Your Resolution For 2018?

pet care in 2018

Here’s Why You Should Add Your Dog In Your Resolution For 2018?


When a new year begins, everyone around the world is excited to make new resolutions. They make plans to learn time management, cooking, or follow a strict diet, etc. But, honestly, how many of you have stood by your resolution after a week?  Many of us start taking our resolutions lightly and they eventually take a back seat as we get busy with other works.

However, don’t worry! If the first half of the month is already gone, and you still haven’t decided upon the resolution you want to take this year, take your time and modify it if necessary.  You can include some important things that you might have missed. For instance, involve your pet in your resolution. But yes, just making the resolutions or modifying them won’t help unless you follow them dedicatedly.

Why should we modify our resolutions to add our pets?

As a pet owner, it is our responsibility to involve our furry pal in our resolution. Adding the pet in your resolution is quite beneficial for both the pet as well as the owner. Let’s see what those benefits are.

  1. When you take a resolution that involves your pet, it enables you to spend more time with your dog.
  2. When you will spend more time with your dog, your bonding with your dog will increase naturally.
  3. As the bonding increases your dog will feel that he is getting enough attention and that you are taking enough care of him.
  4. Taking enough care of your dog will keep him healthy and fit.
  5. If the dog is healthy and fit, the environment of the house will remain positive and fresh.
  6. The positive and fresh environment will ultimately keep you and your family members joyful and contented.

So, what do you think? The benefits that have been mentioned above are nothing but the connecting dots. As you will start with the first dot you will eventually get the whole picture by the time you reach the last one.

Ok, convinced, but what are the things you can add to your resolution to keep your dog healthy and active?

Here is the answer to your question.

  • The primary thing is time. No matter how much busy you are, you need to take out some time for your pet out of your busy schedule.
  • Dogs love to go for a walk with their guardian. Walking is the best thing to keep your dog healthy. No matter what the season is, your dog would love to go for a walk. So, try taking him for walks regularly.
  • Love your dog the way you love your kids. Taking care of your dog just as you do for your kid will boost your emotional bonding with him.
  • Take your dog to the vet for a health check up, atleast once in a month.
  • Use preventive treatments for flea and ticks, and heartworms to keep your dog free from parasitic infections or diseases.
  • Timely grooming keeps your pet hale and hearty. Therefore maintain a grooming regimen which must include trimming their hair, clipping off their nails, regular bathing, Brushing their teeth, and few other things.

All these things are very easy to implement and you are definitely going to get the best result out of it. So, go for it and make yours and your dog’s life healthy and happy.