Why To Pick Bravecto Chews for Your Dog?

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It’s 2019 and come on let’s face it; there are tons of products in the market these days that do the job for a particular problem. Similarly, to eliminate fleas and ticks in your furry friend, you will find numerous products in the market that do the same. Choosing the correct product can be cumbersome and a lot tiring at times. In such situations, taking the advice of your vet is something most pet parents would do, which is obviously the right thing to do. While different vets will suggest you different flea and tick products, a majority of them will pick Bravecto chews for the simple reason that it is extremely effective and very easy to administer. There are more reasons that make Bravecto chews a top selling product. To know more, you must read on.

Why Pick Bravecto to Treat Fleas and Ticks in Dogs?

Bravecto is one of the most widely used flea and tick product in the world. The reasons why you should pick Bravecto chews to treat your buddy from fleas and ticks are listed below.

  • Delivers Rapid Onset Of Action –

    One of the best things about Bravecto chews is that it delivers a rapid and quick onset of action. As soon as your dog consumes the chew, Bravecto starts to take effect. And within just a couple of hours of administration, all existing parasites are demolished.

  • Tasty Flavored Chews –

    Bravecto are tasty flavored chews that make it extremely easy for you to give it to your buddy. Due to these chews being highly palatable, it is widely accepted by dogs worldwide.

  • Persistent and Long-lasting Efficacy –

    Not many flea products provide persistent and long-lasting efficacy. Bravecto, on the other hand, does so by providing protection from fleas and ticks such as American Dog tick, Brown Dog tick and Black-legged tick for up to 12 whole weeks and from Lone Star tick for approximately 8 weeks.

  • Extremely Safe for All Breeds –

    Another main reason for picking Bravecto over other flea and tick products is because Bravecto chews are extremely safe for all dog breeds. What’s more, they are very safe for puppies too (only puppies over six months though).

  • Renowned Manufacturer –

    Purchasing treatment products from a top manufacturer is something a major chunk of pet parents stress on. The good news is, Bravecto chews are manufactured by a well-renowned manufacturer known as Merck. Merck is one of the leading manufacturers in the pet health industry. Now that is more reason to opt for Bravecto chews for treating fleas and ticks in your buddy, right?

  • Cost Effective –

    The year is 2019 and as you know, nothing comes cheap these days. But luckily for you, Bravecto chews do. It costs way cheaper than most flea and tick products and is way more effective than most of them. (This point should definitely convince you to pick Bravecto chews over other flea and tick treatment methods).

  • Trusted By Million Pet Parents –

    If you’re still not convinced about opting for Bravecto chews, then probably this might help you to change your mind. Bravecto chews are trusted by millions of real pet parents around the globe. These pet parents believe that Bravecto is one of the best (if not the best) flea and tick product in the market.

If fleas and ticks are the problem, Bravecto chews are the solution. Moreover, if you’re skeptical about using a product without your vet’s advice, we suggest you to first ask your vet before administering Bravecto chews to your pal. Stay alert, stay safe and always protect your munchkin. We know you do!

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