Bravecto Information & Recall

Bravecto Recall

Every pet lover is aware of how harmful fleas and ticks can be to their furry four-legged friends. Without regular protection, these pests that can bite and infect your family and dog with diseases can quickly infest your dog. These parasites can spread diseases including Lyme disease, babesiosis, bartonellosis, and others.

Given this, it’s essential to keep pests away from your beloved pets and protect them from harmful parasites. The only oral treatment that has been proven to promptly and successfully eradicate fleas and several tick species for 12 weeks at a time is Bravecto. In this blog, we will be taking you in the detail and recall about this powerful and long-lasting parasite protection for pets that can help you learn better about the product’s efficacy, safety, and more!

What Is Bravecto?

Bravecto is a flea and tick preventative recommended for all dogs and cats over 6 months of age (in different packs with specific formulations; Bravecto for Dogs (chewable) and Bravecto for Cats (spot-on). This preventative’s parasite killer is an active ingredient known as fluralaner. It is quite effective when administered consistently and aids in keeping your pets and home free of fleas and ticks. It covers all the common external parasites that can be seen in dogs and cats.

Treatment and prevention for dogs:

  • Flea and tick infestations (12 weeks)
  • Black-legged tick (12 weeks)
  • American dog tick(12 weeks)
  • Brown dog tick (12 weeks)
  • Lone star tick (8 weeks)
  • Sarcoptic mange
  • Mites

Treatment and prevention for cats:

  • Flea infestations for 3 months
  • Black-legged tick infestations for 3 months
  • American dog tick infestations (8 weeks)

What Are The Different Types Of Bravecto?

Bravecto is available for both dogs and cats in specifically formulated chewable and topical for dogs and spot-on for cats. These different versions of Bravecto are available in the following ranges:

Bravecto 2023: Prices, Packs and Product Ranges!

Bravecto is a popular flea and tick treatment that comes in various variants suitable for different breeds and sizes. At BudgetPetWorld, we offer Bravecto in a variety of packs suitable for dogs and cats such as Bravecto Topical for Dogs, Bravecto Chewable for Dogs, Bravecto Plus for Cats and Bravecto 1-Month Chew for Dogs . Check out our competitive prices for Bravecto 2023 and safeguard your furry friend against flea and tick infestations..

Bravecto for Dogs (Chewable Treatment)

Bravecto for Dogs (Topical)

FAQs regarding Bravecto Spot-on for cats

UPDATE:There is now Bravecto Plus for cats, which combines fluralaner with moxidectin, another potent parasite killer. Heartworm larvae, fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms are all prevented and eliminated by this combination of ingredients. As a result, it functions as an almost all-in-one preventative, making it more convenient for the feline-parents and ensuring the cats are clear of parasites. Bravecto Plus is available in three different strengths:

Bravecto Plus for Cats (Spot-on)

Bravecto 1 Month Chew

Bravecto has recently been developed in a chewable form called Bravecto-1 Month Chew for puppies younger than 6 months, starting at the age of 8 weeks. Since most pups experience rapid growth during that period of their development, this Fluralaner is designed specifically for monthly use. The issue with the 3-month version in younger pups is that because the drug is dosed for weight, the pup may outgrow the efficacy of that dose due to its rapid growth. Most puppies won’t likely outgrow the dose in 3 months when they are 6 months old, therefore pet parents can start them on the usual Bravecto formula at that point.

What Are The Side Effects Of Bravecto?

The manufacturer firmly supports the safe usage of Bravecto. When used in accordance with the product license, regulatory bodies from all over the world have approved the Bravecto product for sale after reviewing the study findings as part of the product approval procedure. Bravecto was administered in conjunction with other drugs such as vaccinations, anthelmintic, antibiotics, and steroids in a carefully monitored field study. When Bravecto was taken along with other drugs, no negative side effects were noticed. Bravecto’s adverse event reporting rate globally is still considered to be extremely low. Mild and temporary gastrointestinal upsets are the most frequently reported events, which are in line with the product license and mentioned on it.

Myths & Facts about Bravecto

How Long Do Bravecto Side Effects Last?

Bravecto side effects are not always present in pets. When pets encounter adverse effects, they can last anywhere between two and six hours.

The adverse effects, whether your dog is throwing up or has diarrhea, ought to go away in a day or two. Make sure the dog feeds before taking the tablet to avoid side effects. To gain the greatest effectiveness and avoid adverse effects, always follow the usage instructions.

How Effective Is Bravecto?

There is nothing better than having the assurance that your pets can play outside without bringing dangerous insects inside with them, both for the sake of your pet and for your own peace of mind. The effects of Bravecto won’t wash off, wear off, or rub off. It accomplishes the job, is practical for you, and is safe for your cats and dogs. It kills more than 96% of ticks that are Lyme disease carriers and is more than 98% efficient against fleas. Additionally, it also helps to lessen exposure to ticks, which can spread harmful infections.

Bottom Line:

The special feature of Bravecto is that it offers pet parents a 12-week treatment plan that is convenient, simple to administer, and effective against active flea and tick infestations. Studies have demonstrated that the treatment is safe for the majority of dogs and cats, despite the fact that some rare reactions have been documented.

The best option for you may not be Bravecto if your dog has a history of seizures. The majority of dogs, however, can be treated safely and effectively with this treatment to get rid of fleas and ticks. Always consult your veterinarian to see whether Bravecto is a good fit for your dog or cat based on their health and lifestyle.